Robert Fitzhugh,


The Mobile Experts

Here at Film Smart Productions, we believe video making should be easy, simple setups with very little equipment. Using your phone you are able to plan, shoot, edit and market your video in the palm of your hand, making your own video content with confidence has never been easier.

Robert is a firm believer that mobile devices make video-making accessible to everyone and has trained 100s of people on mobile video making. Robert has spoken at a number of events on mobile video making including MOJOFEST in Galway and the SPBICF cultural forum in Russia.

Film Smart Productions was founded by Robert Fitzhugh, who is a filmmaker, smartphone videographer, smartphone video trainer and presenter.

Robert is the founder and director of the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival: Ireland’s only film festival dedicated to films shot on mobile phones.

Some Words From Our Clients

We want to let you tell your own story – your way. Take control of your business’s video content. Empower your business to create high quality, low-cost video content whenever needed. We will give you the skills to use your mobile phone to plan, film and edit video content that works.

Some of The Clients We Have Helped

We provide you with our knowledge, experience and network of relationships.